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Retail Security Services For Businesses Across the UK 

Retail Security Specialists

UK Wide Services is your reliable source for top-notch retail security. Our team of SIA-licensed security professionals quickly responds to mitigate potential security threats ensuring the safety of your assets, employees, and customers. We understand that prevention beats reaction – so our teams work hard each day to minimize financial and reputational losses caused by shoplifting or theft while providing a pleasant shopping experience to all customers. 

Qualified Security Teams with Proven Expertise

Unrivaled Customer Service

Unrivalled Customer Service

UK Wide Services provides its valued clients with the unrivalled and round-the-clock customer service experience they deserve. 

pricing models

Affordable Prices

We offer incredible value with flexible pricing models tailored to the security needs of businesses all across the UK. 

Qualified Security Teams

Qualified Security Teams

We have a highly qualified and experienced retail security team to ensure safety for everyone!

Response Rate

Rapid Response Rate

Our retail security guards ensure rapid response to thwart security risks and secure your business, clients, and customers.

Absolute Commitment

Absolute Commitment

We pledge to go all-in for our clients, putting their security needs above everything to deliver the best results possible!

Our Specialities

At UK Wide Services, we offer the highest level of retail security management in the following aspects:

Customer Service

Regular Patrolling

Crime Prevention

Risk Management

Building Inspection

Staff Monitoring

security management services

Benefits Offered By

 UK Wide Services

secure environment for customers

Safe Environment

Retail security helps you create a safe and secure environment for customers, ensuring that shoplifting or other disruptive activities don’t ruin anyone’s day.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

With our support, you can easily overcome potential security threats and get peace of mind knowing all your disruptions will be kept to a minimum! 

Comfortable Experience

Comfortable Experience

Our dedicated and qualified security teams provide the serenity of a safe and relaxed shopping experience. Shop today, knowing we’ve got your back! 

Reliability and Trust

Reliability and Trust

Our retail security services can make your business the go-to destination for customers who value friendliness and trust. Give yourself an edge in today’s competitive market!

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is retail security?

Retail security involves protecting shopping malls and retail stores from potential security threats to provide a secure shopping experience to customers. 

What areas of the UK do your retail security services cover?

We provide vigilant retail security services in all major cities of the UK including London. 

Which areas of retail security do you specialize in?

UK Wide Services specializes in customer service, crime prevention, regular patrolling, staff monitoring, risk management, and building inspection. 

Are your security guards SIA-licensed?

Yes, all our retail security guards are qualified and hold valid licenses from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). 

How can I contact UK Wide Services?

You can contact us by sending us an email at or calling us at 020 3642 9510 to get any information or resolve your queries.

What is the pricing model for UK Wide retail security services?

We are flexible in our pricing. Contact our customer support team for the best quote for your security needs.