Keyholding and Alarm Response 

Alerting Today for a Better Tomorrow 

Secure Your Keys and Properties

Ensure long-term protection for your property against intruders and criminals and effectively manage alarm callouts. Our security teams can reach your site within 20 minutes and take immediate action to minimize the chances of possible break-ins. 

Our Expertise  

Scope of Our Services 

We have highly qualified teams who secure your property keys and premises with integrity and professionalism.

Qualified Staff

Our alarm teams make your business a difficult target for burglars. We ensure an immediate response in a security emergency. 

Deter Crimes

Our clients stay up-to-date with the latest developments at their premises with round-the-clock customer support. 

Unrivalled Customer Support 

UK Wide Services provide custom-made security packages to meet each client’s requirements. 

Bespoke Security Package 

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Keyholding & Alarm Response Services 

Round-the-clock security monitoring can be daunting and challenging – any slip-up, no matter how slight, could create an opening for unwanted intruders. Hiring a professional security company like UK Wide Services is the most reliable way to protect your premises round-the-clock. 

Reduced Security Risk

Detailed Reporting

Long-term Protection

Threat Mitigation

Keyholding & Alarm Response Services 

Block any Intrusion Attempts through Immediate Response! 

Services Process Description 

Alarm Callout

Whenever an intruder attempts to break into the client’s premises without permission, an alarm is triggered that sends an alert to the response officer for prompt action to handle the emergency professionally. 

Site Visit by Response Team

The response team gains access to the premises and investigates the cause of the alarm. This can be particularly useful for businesses and organizations that operate outside of normal business hours or have multiple sites that need to be monitored and secured. 

Corrective Action

After assessing the situation and identifying the cause behind the alarm callout, the responder deactivates the alarm and takes appropriate action like contacting emergency services, securing the premises, and liaising with the client. Besides, the findings are recorded for future use. 

Secure Your Spare Keys

Secure Your Spare Keys

We secure your property by safely storing a copy of your key in our secure facility and provide you with the best protection available. 

Remote Access to Your Property

Safeguard Your Business

With our keyholding service, you can rest assured that your business is safeguarded from potential security threats. 

Round the Clock Protection

Round the Clock Protection

Our security teams ensure round-the-clock protection and emergency response services to maintain the highest level of safety for your business at all times. 

Manage Fake Alarms

Manage Fake Alarms

Our instant alarm response service is staffed by SIAlicensed officers, safeguarding your premises against any potential criminal activity with professionalism and vigilance. 

Frequently Asked Questions   

What are keyholding services?

Key holding services keep your premises safe by keeping your spare property keys in a secure facility. This service provides you peace of mind, knowing that someone is ready to respond promptly if any issues arise. 

Which types of alarms can your teams respond to?

Our security teams can handle all types of security alarms such as fire alarms, burglary systems, and intrusion detection. 

What are Alarm Response services?

When triggered, our dedicated team offers quick responses to neutralize potential threats. Our experienced personnel spring into action upon activating any alarms in the area for complete protection. 

Who should be a keyholder?

Choose someone within a 20-minute radius as an authorized keyholder for your property so that in case of any issues arising while youre out of town or otherwise unavailable, they can easily access the premises to take action. 

Can your key guards physically detain intruders?

Our guards are an intermediary between crime and law enforcement agencies and can detain intruders when protecting against further damage. By stepping in before officers arrive, they serve as vital safety guardians, ensuring criminal activities do not go unnoticed. 

Are your teams licensed?

All our security teams are SIA-licensed and complete the necessary training before deployment.