Full-Scale Construction Site Security 

Available Round-the-clock 

Materials & Equipment Protection

Materials & Equipment Protection

Prevent your expensive construction material or equipment from being damaged, stolen, or lost. 

We Secure Your Construction Sites from Potential Risks 

Finally, our control room staff monitors security guards via automated systems that provide real-time insights into team performance and help them make informed decisions. 

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

With round-the-clock monitoring, our security officers professionally handle site emergencies including accidents. 

Trespass Protection

Trespass Protection

Stop unauthorized persons from trespassing on dangerous construction sites and disrupting activities.  

Weather Damage Control

Prevent Damage from Accidents

Our security experts identify issues beforehand and take prompt actions to prevent accidents and reduce liabilities. 

Workers’ Safety

Workers’ Safety

Never compromise on the safety of your construction workers. Ensure their protection by hiring licensed security professionals. 

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Deploy dedicated construction site security professionals to prevent financial losses and minimize damages. 

Get Superior Construction Site Security 

UK Wide Services is well aware of changing security needs of construction companies in the UK. Hence, we keep updating our surveillance techniques to continuously improve the quality of our services and satisfy our valued customers. Our teams comprise highly talented and qualified construction security professionals with comprehensive experience handling the security of megaconstruction projects in the UK. 

Block Intrusion Attempts

Deter Theft & Vandalism

Reduce Liabilities

Streamline Your Operations

Services Process Description 

Effective Security Management

Security officers patrol the construction site at regular intervals to check for any signs of unauthorized entry, vandalism, theft, or other security breaches. Besides, they also monitor the site for safety hazards and control access to the construction site by checking the identification of workers and issuing visitor badges or passes. 

Security Threat Identification

In case an intruder attempts to enter the construction site without permission, the on-duty security officer immediately detects the security breach and promptly responds to neutralize the situation. Our security officers are trained to react quickly and effectively to any incident that occurs on the construction site. 

Prompt Action for Protection

In addition to blocking intrusion attempts, security guards coordinate with contractors and other construction site personnel to ensure that security measures are in place and are being followed. They provide a visible security presence that can deter criminals and ensure that workers and visitors can carry out their tasks in a safe and secure environment. 

UK Wide Services, Your Trusted Security Partner 

Construction security is all about vigilance, integrity, and reliability. At UK Wide Services, we strive to deliver vigilant protection backed by years of experience in the UK security industry. Our highly qualified, SIA-licensed, and BS7858vetted security personnel are ready to help you secure your construction sites and streamline your operations while maintaining quality. 

SIA licensed Staff

SIA-licensed Staff

Proven Expertise

Proven Expertise

Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is security onsite?

Onsite security involves deploying designated security personnel for risk management, manned guarding, workers’ protection, and entry and exit monitoring at construction sites. 

How much does a construction security guard cost?

The approximate cost of hiring a construction security guard depends on the site location, project size, and builders’ requirements. 

How do you ensure protection at construction sites?

Our highly qualified construction security teams regularly monitor entry & exit points, keep an eye on intruders and trespassers, and instantly respond to security emergencies.  

Do you conduct an initial security risk assessment?

Yes, our security teams visit construction sites first and perform an initial risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and recommend feasible solutions. 

Which skills do your security guards possess?

Our construction security specialists are well-trained, SIA-licensed, and thoroughly vetted as per the BS7858 staff vetting standard to ensure complete peace of mind. 

How can I contact you for more information?

You can contact us by email at info@ukwideservices.co.uk/ for all sorts of queries and information.