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Event Security

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Quality Services

Premium Quality Services

We never compromise on service quality; hence, our event security specialists work hard to make your events memorable and ensure the safety and security of your guests and event venue. 

Successful Track Record

Successful Track Record

Our guards are highly trained and capable of tackling any unpredictable encounters that may arise. If ever faced with any unacceptable behaviour from anyone, our security officers won’t hesitate to take action to de-escalate the situation. 

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

We provide excellent and cost-effective services to meet your needs. Our event security solutions ensure that all your concerns are addressed and taken care of so you can enjoy the festivities and make lasting memories. 

event security specialists

Competent Security Personnel

Our team of event security specialists is expert in anticipating and fulfilling your needs for any occasion. You’ll be safe and secure with us whether it’s a corporate event or a family festival. 

Our Expertise

We offer premium event security services for a wide range of events 

Crowd Management

Customer Service

VIP Security 

Risk Assessment

We Protect with Dedication and Integrity 

With our event security, you can ensure all your enchanted moments come to life without risk. By leveraging top-notch event management skills and unparalleled expertise in security, we safeguard every special occasion — allowing true joy and happiness at your events. UK-Wide is the ultimate guardian of your event – our trusted and reputable security professionals offer vigilant protection backed by years of industry experience. Enjoy complete peace of mind with UK-Wide’s reliable guard service. 

Professional Event Security Services 

at an Affordable Price

Services Process Description 

Risk Assessment

Our event security team performs an initial risk assessment and inspects the event venue to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities that might compromise guests’ safety.  


Based on the findings of the risk assessment, we develop a security plan that includes security measures and protocols to mitigate potential risks identified. 

Access Control

Before the event starts, the event security staff performs access control duties. They check tickets or credentials, search bags, and other belongings, and verify identification. 

Event Monitoring

Security officers manage crowds to prevent overcrowding or stampedes and detect any security breaches. In case of a medical emergency or security breach, they respond quickly and effectively. 

Benefits of Event Security Services

Check out the exclusive benefits offered by our qualified event security teams:

Customized Solutions

UK-Wide provides customized solutions tailored to your event security needs. With comprehensive services and top-notch customer support, you can feel confident that all aspects of the event will be monitored closely. 

Optimal Security

Minimize security risks and threats to ensure the safety and security of your guests. You can stay a step ahead of any malicious attempts with proactive measures. 

Unforgettable Experience

Welcome your guests with generosity to create a long-lasting impression and make your event memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is an event security service?

Event security is the type of service that you can choose while conducting an event to ensure the safety and security facets of the event venue. 

How do I know if UK Wide Services is the right event security company for me?

With years of experience, we understand changing dynamics of the UK security industry and possess the right resources to ensure vigilant protection. 

Why is UK Wide Services a reliable name in the event security industry?

UK-Wide Services meets global security standards and embraces SIA accreditations for extended protection. 

How can I contact UK Wide Services?

You can contact us by sending us an email at or calling us at 020 3642 9510 to get any information or resolve your queries.

What are some of the most popular event security services offered by UK Wide Services?

We offer crowd control, customer service, risk management, control room security, mobile patrols, and first aid. 

How much does it cost to hire event security staff from UK Wide Services?

Event security services are priced considering multiple factors like event type, gathering size, and event venue.